• Omar Reyes

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Every day, politicians get in front of a camera to blame Republicans or Democrats for their failure to do their jobs. Politicians have turned our political process into a reality TV show, dividing the country into two teams with a bitter rivalry worse than the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry. These same politicians will stand next to each other and tell us that, while they don’t agree on everything they can come together to stand in front of a camera and assure us that they can work together.

While researching for my congressional run, I learned about getting “rolled” by Washington leadership. Getting “rolled” is when our representative is about to vote for a bill that may be beneficial to his or her constituency, but party leadership pressures our representatives to vote along party lines, even if the vote goes against the interests of their constituents. Furthermore, our representatives spend a great bulk of their time fundraising for the party and their reelection campaigns.

Lastly, the Mueller Report specifically called out our political divide as the vulnerability exploited by foreign actors to drive the political circus we experienced in 2016. Troll farms financed by these hostile nations incited discord among Americans using memes and social media bots to sway the opinion of the American voter. We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated by foreign nations.

This is why I am running under no party affiliation. I have progressive goals, but I do not want to be beholden to the whims of either party. I believe that I can best represent the diverse constituency of District 22 as an individual, not as someone who plays political games. I want to work with both Democrats and Republicans on policies that make sense to our communities and the country in general.

The time has come for us to move beyond party lines. We need to remember that we are a part of the same team. There is only one America. Our diversity is our strength. We can pull ideas and traditions from a multitude of cultures and come up with ideas that can work for everyone, not just the privileged few.

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